• IST STREP 215543
    COMponent-Based Embedded Systems design Techniques
  • Duration: January 1st 2008 - March 31st 2011
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Project Summary

COMBEST provides a formal framework for component based design of complex embedded systems. This framework :

  • Enables formal integration of heterogeneous components, such as with different models of communication or execution;
  • Provides complete encapsulation of components both for functional and extrafunctional properties and develop foundations and methods ensuring composability of components;
  • Enables prediction of emergent key system characteristics such as performance and robustness (timing, safety) from such characterizations of its subcomponents;

To achieve these objectives, COMBEST has:

  • Developed a design theory for complex embedded systems, fully covering heterogeneity, interface specifications, composability, compositionality, and refinement for functional and extra-functional properties
  • Built on substantial highly recognized background results of the academic partners, partly carried out within the integrated project SPEEDS;
  • Extended results of the Integrated Project SPEEDS, both regarding heterogeneous rich components and compositional analysis methods.
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